2022 book rankings

acknowledging the craft of print subculture


Tankobonbon's mission is to introduce accessibility in collecting manga and light novels to the Filipino public. With that in mind, this annual book rankings aim to deservingly acknowledge gems in this industry and spread awareness of their being out of the many books that and will exist.


The public nomination will commence from April 30 to October 30 with ranking results announced on November 3.There are 5 areas, 22 categories, 17 of which are publicly voted, while 5 are based on Tankobonbon's sales


Acknowledges the story and writing

  • Best Concept

  • Best Ensemble

  • Best Development

  • Most Story Potential


Acknowledges art creativity and skill

  • Best Character Silhouette

  • Best Character Fashion

  • Best Overall Design

  • Best Background Art

  • Best Cover Art

  • Best Art Style


Acknowledges the craft of print production

  • Best Logo Design

  • Best Print Quality

  • Most Collectible Release


Acknowledges lineup and development

  • Most Dynamic Pair

  • Best Written Protagonist

  • Most Worthy of an Adaptation

  • Best In Their Genre (Action/Adventure/Martial Arts, Fantasy/Supernatural/Isekai, Romance/Drama, Comedy/Slice of Life/Educational, Horror/Thriller/Suspense)


A Tankobonbon-based ranking

  • Best-selling Volume

  • Best-selling Series by Publisher

  • Best-selling Series by Genre

  • Most Surprising Sales

  • Most Requested Series

How to vote

From April 30 to October 30, a voting form will be shown on this site allowing you to submit your votes on categories that you prefer (more details will also be posted there explaining each category). The results are tallies of votes ranked from the top 1 to 3 or 5.Selected top listers from each category will receive worldwide-granted giveaways, guaranteed stocks, and major site discounts.


There are 17 categories to vote for

  • You may vote as many times as you want

  • You may skip categories

  • Kindly choose from the selection or add your vote if you've carefully checked it's not part of the choices

  • Only add English-licensed series with their official English title on options may it be in print or digital, otherwise, it will be disqualified

  • Selections are open for both comics and novels from Japan, Korea, and China